OneID gives its users a highly secure digital identity. The OneID platform is built on standard components that support both public and private company platforms.

Key features of OneID

Quick setup

To complete the verification process, users simply record a video selfie and take a picture their ID card.

Users have full control

Users can decide to whom and when access to their data is granted by easily giving permission via the OneID app.

Easy onboarding

The OneID app onboards users through an advanced eKYC process that supports passports, national id cards and driver licenses – all with integrated facial recognition and liveness check.

All-in-one solution

OneID offers a flexible all-in-one solution for all partners and citizens.

Verification app

In the OneID app, users can easily give their consent through their mobile device, which they already have at hand.

Adjustable to regulations

The OneID platform complies with data sovereignty, national and cyber security regulations of each country within the MENA region.